Informatics Intern

An internship that focuses on fixing the gap between healthcare and technology using programming, database and basic electronics skills. Application Closed

OpenO2  Corps Intern

This is an opportunity for early career professionals to get much needed experience while at the same time assisting the country in addressing the crisis at hand. Application Closed

Software Engineering Interns (2)

The Global Health Informatics Institute is hiring software engineering interns to develop mobile and web apps for clinical research on behalf of Emory University in Atlanta GA, USA. Application Closed

Electronics Volunteer

The main role of an Electronics Volunteer for the Global Health Informatics Institute is to maintain the organization and functionality of our Electronics Lab. Responsible for managing the lab’s inventory, ensuring that equipment and materials are readily available, and assisting in preparing engaging sessions for the Electronics Club. Application Closed

Mechanical Engineering Intern

This opportunity expands your skills in mechanical engineering, Computer Numerical Control (CNC) to be specific and using them to solve real world problems . Application Closed