Masters Degree

Masters in Applied Global Health Informatics

Our master degree in applied global health informatics provides a structured learning environment through which students can develop the competencies necessary to be leaders in this field. We anticipate that these "ambassadors" of the science of informatics will help to bring about the much-needed course correction required to get informatics back on track in LMIC setting.

Students are required to complete twelve modules in addition to a master research projects.

Modules to be completed:

Introduction to clinical and public health informatics (AGHI-01)

Medical terminology & clinical environments (AGHI-02)

Principles of global health informatics (AGHI-03)

Human information processing (AGHI-04)

Interactive systems design (AGHI-05)

Biostatistics for health informatics (AGHI-06)

Evaluation methods in medical informatics (AGHI-07)

Economic analysis of health IT interventions (AGHI-08)

Digital product management (AGHI-09)

Principles of lean healthcare (AGHI-10)

Hardware solutions for low-resource settings (AGHI-11)

Publications & presentations (AGHI-12)