Meet the GHII Faculty

Timothy Mtonga - Director

Timothy strives to improve health care delivery through the development and maintenance of biomedical informatics interventions. He graduated from the University of Malawi with a Bachelor’s degree in computer science and worked in applied global health informatics for three years prior to joining a biomedical informatics master’s program at University of Pittsburgh in 2015. Timothy completed his Masters in Biomedical Informatics at the University of Pittsburgh and continued on to his PhD, which he defended in April 2020. Timothy’s research has focused primarily on building interventions to improve laboratory and pharmacy services in low- and middle-income countries.

Timothy is responsible for coordinating all masters research projects for trainees in addition to being course director for 2 courses.

Course Director:

Interactive systems design (AGHI-05)

Selected Publications

Gerry Douglas - Founder

Gerry holds a Bachelor’s degree in computer science from the University of Victoria, a Master’s degree in information science and PhD in biomedical informatics from the University of Pittsburgh. He is an Assistant Professor of Biomedical Informatics and directs the Center for Health Informatics for the Underserved. Gerry has been working in the field of applied global health informatics since 2001 culminating in the 2011 University of Victoria Faculty of Engineering Distinguished Alumnus Award in recognition of his contributions to the field of applied global health informatics. He is also a member of the inaugural group of Technology, Entertainment & Design (TED) Fellow since 2009.

Course Director:

Introduction to clinical and public health informatics (AGHI-01)

Principles of global health informatics (AGHI-03)

Economic analysis of health IT interventions (AGHI-08)

Hardware solutions for low-resource settings (AGHI-11)

Selected Publications

Thuy (Twee) Bui - Co-Founder

Thuy attended medical school at Washington University and internal medicine residency at the University of Alabama. She served as the Head of Department for the medical department at Kamuzu Central Hospital in her capacity as a Peace Corps volunteer between 1995 and 1997. Thuy is an Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh, and Director of the Internal Medicine Track in Global Health and Underserved Medicine. She facilitates training rotations for doctors from the US to volunteer at Kamuzu Central Hospital.

Rashid Deula - Lean Healthcare Specialist

Rashid is a graduate from the Malawi College of Health Sciences with a Diploma in Clinical Medicine. He has several years of practice in the public sector, focusing primarily on pediatric care. In 2002 he was selected to undertake training in medical informatics at the University of Pittsburgh through an informatics training grant from the Fogarty International Center, and graduated in 2003 with a certificate in Biomedical informatics. Rashid also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Health Management from the College of Medicine where he graduated in 2012 and a Certificate in the Principles of Lean Healthcare from St.Claire Hospital, Pittsburgh. Rashid has 8-years’ experience working in as a full-time and part-time clinician, and 7-years’ experience working in applied medical informatics in Malawi. Combining his clinical expertise, informatics training and lean healthcare certification, Rashid has used his knowledge to improve processes in clinical settings at Daeyang Luke Hospital in Lilongwe and continues to do the same through the GHII training center.

Rashid’s duties include classroom teaching as well as supporting projects for interns and students working in the clinical environment.

Course Director:

Medical terminology & clinical environments (AGHI-02)

Selected publications

Ann Ben-Smith, Adjunct

Anne Ben-Smith is an infectious disease immunologist and research scientist with more than 30 years of experience in biomedical research in academic and medical institutions in the UK and Africa. Throughout her career, Dr. Ben-Smith has supported and mentored many students in the writing and editing of manuscripts, reports and theses, including four PhD dissertations and two masters research theses. In addition to her own work, she has professionally edited more than 50 manuscripts that were subsequently published in international peer-reviewed journals.

Course Director:

Publications & presentations (AGHI-12)

J Espino, Adjunct

J Espino is a Senior Research Scientist for the University of Pittsburgh Department of Biomedical Informatics with degrees in medicine, artificial intelligence and the biological sciences. Dr. Espino has contributed to the growth of the Global Health Informatics Institute by mentoring interns and contributing to the design of new innovations.

Morgan Greenleaf, Adjunct

Morgan Greenleaf is the Innovation Catalyst program manager at Emory University specializing in Mobile App development for clinical research & university-based entrepreneurship. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Virginia and a master’s degree in product management from Carnegie Mellon University. Morgan helped establish the GHII Internship Program, and was the team leader on the OpenAMR project using computer vision to improve antimicrobial resistance testing.

Course Director:

Digital product management (AGHI-09)

Christian Neumann, Adjunct

Christian Neumann is a professional software developer. He worked in Neno with Partners In Health between 2010 and 2012 developing and supporting their electronic medical record systems. He has also worked as a consultant with the Malawi Department of HIV & AIDS helping to migrate their Management Information System and has provided technical assistance for the Lighthouse Trust. Christian has mentored interns at GHII and developed the MARS Portal network management system used at the GHII Training Center in Lilongwe.

Tania Lyon, Adjunct

Tania Lyon is a Director of Organizational Performance Improvement at St. Clair Hospital in Pittsburgh. Tania traveled to Malawi in 2014 and again in 2017 to provide training in the principles of lean healthcare.

Course Director:

Principles of lean healthcare (AGHI-10)