Training Center Resources


Our classroom is equipped with a high-resolution ceiling-mounted LCD projector, whiteboard, and seating for up to 14 students. The room is air conditioned to maintain a comfortable temperature during lectures.

Electronics Workshop

Our electronics workshop is equipped with three 2-person work benches. A wide selection of tools and electronics supplies are available for prototyping.

Mechanical Design

Our interns use Autodesk Fusion 360 for mechanical design. From these designs that are able to create tool paths to control our CNC routers, plasma cutter and 3D printer.

CNC Router

We have two CNC routers able to cut plastic, wood and aluminum. We use this to manufacture prototypes and for small-scale manufacturing.

CNC Plasma Cutter

While we work extensively in plastic (PVC) there are times when steel is required. Our CNC plasma cutter is capable of cutting sheet steel up to a thickness of 13mm. With our current machine we are only able to work with pieces up to 400mm square. However we plan to build a larger version in the near future. We are currently in the process of adding torch height control to improve the performance of the machine.

3D Printer

We have a 3D Printer able to print 3D components that are complex to cut on CNC routers.

Printed Circuit Board Design

We use Autodesk EAGLE CAD software for designing printed circuit boards.

CNC Printed Circuit Board Engraving Machine

Using our small CNC engraving machine we are able to produce circuit boards for prototyping, and small scale production. Using this technique we are only able to make single-sided boards. However this is adequate for basic proof of concept. Once the circuit is proven we order from JLCPCB in China ( They are capable of one-day production, which starts immediately after the design files have been uploaded to their website. Shipping to Malawi is through DHL Courier.

Steel and Aluminum Welding

We have both electric arc stick welding as we as wire feed equipment.