Global Health Informatics Institute

 Developing Solutions at the Intersection of Science, Engineering and Global Health

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Over the past 15 years international aid organizations have made large investments in health information technology (HIT) in many low- and middle-income countries.  Sadly these investments have largely focused on improving the quality and timeliness of data for monitoring and evaluation purposes, in many cases relying on the severely limited pool of health workers to capture data.  This has for the most part taken valuable time away from actual healthcare delivery. 

Our Vision: Improved healthcare delivery resulting from evidence-based decision making around health investments

Mission: To train the next generation of biomedical informaticians and engineers using a unique service learning approach to develop interventions at the intersection of science, engineering and global health that address problems of global health importance and improve the delivery of healthcare for all.

Values: Fostering sustainability, Local innovation, Capacity Building, Honesty and Integrity, Data-driven, Respect

Serving Malawi and the Region

Training the next generation of global health informaticians with emphasis on problem-driven development and building product ownership skills.

Four Ways To Learn at Our Training Center

     - Electronics Club

     - Internship Programme

     - Short Courses

     - Masters Degree